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Monday, February 1, 2010

What are termite stains?

Phoenix Termite InspectionWe are buying a home in Peoria and the termite inspector noted “termite stains” on his report. The sellers disclosure reports a termite treatment in 2006 with an active warranty. What are termite stains ? Is this a scam for the termite inspector to sell a treatment?

Many experienced termite technicians will brush down existing termite shelter tubes when treating a structure. Some of the soil used to construct the shelter tube is often left on the drywall and/or stem wall leaving an outline of the former shelter tube. These serve as a follow up “marker” to determine if the treatment(s) was/were effective.

Given that the home has a termite history…visible “termite stains” would not be unusual.

Pursuant to R4-29-413(a) “A wood infestation report shall accurately list or report:” (8) “Visible and accessible evidence of past or present infestation from wood-destroying pests or organisms.”

The termite inspector is required to report “termite stains.”

Box 8E (page one) and Box 20 (page 2) on the termite report (WDIIR) should list supporting information for the previous termite treatment and warranty.

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