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Friday, December 2, 2011

No Drill Termite Treatments ?

No drill termite treatment
No Drill Termite Treatments?

At least once a week I get an inquiry about “No Drill” termite treatments.  It seems more Phoenix area exterminators are offering this “service.”

“No drill” termite services consist of a service technician merely trenching the soft areas around a home and applying a termiticide.  The application usually takes less than an hour.  Abutting slabs and garage interiors if treated at all receive a surface application.

This service is offered to homeowners at an attractive price and allows an exterminator to save on chemical and labor costs.  It also allows any exterminator to appear to have a competitive price when compared to a full service Termite Company.

If a homeowner is looking for a “fast fix” at a low price a “no drill” termite service just might be the answer.

Less than 20 years ago the mark of an acceptable termite treatment consisted of trenching around a home, down drilling all abutting slabs and either angle drilling, or down drilling the main slab.  Arizona Pest regulations actually required this type of treatment when servicing a home for a real estate transaction.

When that regulation was eased exterminators began to do “outside wraps” as a way to save on labor and treatment costs.  “Outside wraps” consisted of trenching the soft areas around a home, down drilling abutting slabs and inside garages.  Areas under the main home slab were only treated if necessary.

Today many Phoenix area exterminators have evolved to offering “no drill” in order to generate more sales at reduced costs.

Our native subterranean termite is the most common species infesting homes in metro Phoenix Arizona.

Phoenix area residents live in the Sonoran Desert and like all living creatures in the desert…termites seek out moisture, food, and shelter from the sun.

Concrete slabs such as used to build most homes in Phoenix hold and retain moisture.  If you could lift up the slab under a home you would be amazed how much moisture is present.

A good example would be if you walked out in the desert and found a large rock.  The desert soil around that large rock would be dry.  If you rolled the rock over you would not only note the moisture under the rock, but the presence of insects.

Your home slab serves the same purpose as the large rock…and an ideal location for a termite colony.

An average lot can be home to 15-20 different colonies of termites.  All needing the moisture and cellulose (wood) your home offers to survive.

Drilling through abutting slabs where the termites are most likely to be living offers better protection to homeowners than just treating easily accessible areas.

Exterminators offering “no drill” termite treatments can expect to see an increase in call-backs and damage claims in the future offsetting initial profits.

In short…educated homeowners who understand the habits of termites in Arizona should not accept a “no drill” termite treatment as proper protection for their home.