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Depending upon which termite expert you speak with Arizona is home to 25 or less species of termites. Not all termites are the same and it is important to be able to identify and detect the various species of termites living in Arizona. Bills Pest and Termite is Arizona's Termite Experts. We offer full pest control services in Phoenix Arizona and Phoenix termite treatments and termite inspection services. For more information visit us @ Bills Pest and Termite or call us @ 602.308.4510

Monday, January 2, 2012

APB - All Points Bulleting : Be on the lookout for termites

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Phoenix area homeowners are advised to be on the lookout for subterranean termites, which are elusive structural felons.  These suspects are wanted in connection with over $2 billion dollars worth of damage caused to homes across the US.

These social insects may be lurking under or near your home waiting for an opportunity to infest.  They are known to make entry into homes through stress cracks, expansion joints or by building shelter tubes along the foundation.
Suspects may be in the form of reproductive’s (kings and queens), soldiers and workers.  A colony can reach maturity in four to five years, with 60,000 to 400,000 workers.  Winged females and males (alates) can emerge in nuptial (swarm) flights.
Typical queens can survive 25 years, creating more than 60,000 eggs.  Her workers are creamy white, soft bodied, wingless and blind.  Living as long as five years, workers provide food for the colony.  They excavate wood, construct tunnels and can cause copious damage.  The blind soldiers are equipped with an elongated brownish head and two jaws to defend the colony.
Damage takes three to eight years, based on normal feeding activity.  In ideal conditions a colony of 60,000 workers can consume a 1 foot long 2 by 4 in 118-157 days.
Pest detectives can locate termite damage using several investigation tools and techniques.  An experience pest detective can determine the type of infesting termite, and the best method for eliminating the invaders.
If you have seen…or have reason to believe these wanted felons are in your neighborhood call the experts @ Bills Pest & Termite 602.308.4510