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Depending upon which termite expert you speak with Arizona is home to 25 or less species of termites. Not all termites are the same and it is important to be able to identify and detect the various species of termites living in Arizona. Bills Pest and Termite is Arizona's Termite Experts. We offer full pest control services in Phoenix Arizona and Phoenix termite treatments and termite inspection services. For more information visit us @ Bills Pest and Termite or call us @ 602.308.4510

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What is a "No Drill" termite treatment?

What is a No Drill termite treatment

What is a “No Drill” termite treatment?

A “No Drill” treatment is typically a termite service where only exterior “soft areas” of a structure are trenched to allow a liquid application.  The soil is then put back into the trenches to complete the service.

Is a “No Drill” treatment cheaper?

Initially a “No Drill” treatment can be cheaper as money is saved in labor and chemical costs.  Given the foraging nature of our native Arizona termites those savings can be offset by future re-infestations.

Does Bills Pest & Termite offer “No Drill” termite treatments?

No…we discourage “No Drill” termite treatments…the only way to stop native Arizona termite infestations is to establish a continuous barrier in and around a structure.  Leaving untreated areas is an invitation to foraging termites.  Average lots in Phoenix can have 10-15 different colonies of Arizona termites…so it’s just a matter of time before a termite colony will find an untreated avenue into your home.

Additionally, Arizona termites seek moisture under abutting slabs of a structure to survive.  Not treating these areas reduces the potential success of a termite service.

Why do so many Exterminators in Phoenix offer “No Drill” termite treatments?

Simply put…it’s a way to make a fast buck.  An exterminator can turn a 2-4 hour service into a 30 minute job and use only a quarter of the termiticide.  Doing 5-6 of these services a day is fast money.

Any advice for homeowners considering a “No Drill” treatment?

Yes…get a complete termite service by a carefully screened termite exterminator that uses a quality termiticide and knows our Arizona termites.  It may cost a few dollars more up front…but you are more likely to eliminate current and future termite infestations and less likely to deal with structural damage.

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