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Friday, January 22, 2010

Should I get a termite inspection for the home I'm buying?

Should I get a termite inspection for the home I'm buying"I'm buying a new home in realtor recommended a home inspector who asked if I wanted to add a termite inspection to his service for an additional $75...should I do this and is this a good price?"

I recommend every home buyer get a termite and home inspection prior to agreeing to purchase any home in the Metro Phoenix area.

$75 is a fair price for a good termite inspection...the average price in Phoenix is around $65.

I will caution against the home inspector completing the termite inspection. For the same price you can have two sets of eyes inspect focused on one matter each verse one set of eyes trying to complete two tasks.

Additionally...the average home inspector has less than three years experience as a termite inspector. At best that home inspector completes two inspections a day while a good termite inspector can complete 4-6 a day. Thus giving the termite inspector 2-3 times the experience.

As always I advise that the termite inspection be completed at the beginning of the "10 day inspection period" so that you have time to review the report and make additional requests for information and/or follow up inspections.

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