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Depending upon which termite expert you speak with Arizona is home to 25 or less species of termites. Not all termites are the same and it is important to be able to identify and detect the various species of termites living in Arizona. Bills Pest and Termite is Arizona's Termite Experts. We offer full pest control services in Phoenix Arizona and Phoenix termite treatments and termite inspection services. For more information visit us @ Bills Pest and Termite or call us @ 602.308.4510

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Phoenix Termite Control

Phoeix Termite Control

Phoenix Termite Control

“There are two types of homes in Phoenix…those with termites and those that are gonna get “em!”
If your Phoenix home doesn’t already have termites…it’s just a matter of time before they will infest.  Everyday unsuspecting homeowners have their home secretly invaded by termites.  Hidden termite damage can diminish a home’s value and result in thousands of dollars worth of damage repair. Need an online Phoenix Termite Control quote?
Many areas of Phoenix were once virgin desert or farm land with moderate termite pressure.  Construction has created moisture sources, shelter from our desert heat, and food (the wood in your home).  As a result termite populations are exploding and the demand for Phoenix termite control has never been greater.
As the homes age…the initial protective barrier wears out…no longer fending off the hordes of termites waiting to feast on your home.
Termites are destructive, causing major structural damage to homes and commercial buildings across the United States.  Yearly estimates of damage run into the billions of dollars.
Phoenix homes are more likely to see large termite infestations and the resulting damage as termites feed year round unhampered by cold weather or freezing temperatures.
Bill’s Phoenix Termite Control recommends that every home should be inspected at least once a year for termites.  Order your FREE TERMITE INSPECTION today.
Phoenix is home to several species of termites and not all infestations should be treated the same.  For example treating the soil around a home has no effect on an infestation involving Western Drywood or Dampwood termites.  Homes recently treated for one termite species should be inspected yearly for evidence of other types.
Most Phoenix termite exterminators are only familiar with the more common native species of subterranean termite.  These termites are easily detected by the shelter tubes constructed on foundation walls or inside garages.  Detecting other termite species found in Phoenix can be difficult for inexperienced exterminators.   Undetected termite infestation can result in structural damage and depreciate the value of your home.
Phoenix homeowners should have their homes inspected at least once a year by a trained and experience termite inspector.  Catching a termite infestation early can save the cost of expensive damage repair and maintain a home’s resale value.
When termites are found it’s important that a complete termite treatment with an effective product be done early in the infestation.  Maintaining a continuous protective barrier minimizes the chance of re-infestation, while using an effective termiticide ensures a lasting treatment.
Effectively getting rid of termites requires a specialized set of termite skills. Experience is required to know where the likeliest entry points are in your home. Entry points are may be hidden and hard to access.  

Phoenix termite control requires specialized equipment most people don't own.  From rotary hammer drills to soil treatment rods, and foamers, this equipment helps exterminators find and root out termites that may elude homeowners.  
Typically a service to eliminate termite infestations involves hundreds of gallons of termiticide injected along and under a home's foundation, underneath concrete slabs, or within walls. These access points and materials are not readily accessible to the general public.
Choosing a good Phoenix termite control exterminator can be a complex decision as there are hundreds of termite exterminators in Phoenix alone.
Phoenix termite control companies offer different treatments and warranties to deal with termite issues. In many cases, they should come back to retreat the affected areas at no extra charge.  Make sure this provision is included in your termite control agreement.  
Many liquid termiticides can last for five years or more when properly applied.  Not all termiticides are the same…a termiticide that works well in other states may not fare so well in the sandy soil of our Sonoran Desert.  The actual length of time these treatments control the termite problem in your home will depend on the thoroughness of the application, the severity of the termite control issue in your area, type of termiticide used, and other conditions.  Normally if swarmers are found the year after you have an exterminator come out, it's because of human error in application and not in failure of the chemicals.
Termiticides are tested thoroughly for any effects they might have on the health of people and animals. Before any chemical can be used, it must be tested and approved by the EPA and the State of Arizona.
Rather than focus solely on the price of a termite service Arizona homeowners need to be aware of what termiticide is being applied around their home, how and why.
If you suspect you have a problem with termites in your home, seek the help the professionals at Bills Pest Termite Control.
Bills Pest  Termite Control is your hometown Phoenix termite exterminator…Arizona’s Termite Experts…We know Phoenix Termites!

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